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Social Media Information

How often do you tan sunlessly approximately? (spray tans and/or self-tanners)
Are you a client of BBronzed?

BBronzed is searching for individuals to help promote our growing business. If you are strong in marketing, outgoing and are passionate about skincare, health, and beauty you may be a perfect fit for our Ambassador Program. Promoting BBronzed as an Ambassador, you help us grow by bringing in new clients, in turn allowing us to add new services and products. BBronzed Brand
Ambassadors receive multiple perks for spreading our #fakeitdontbakeit moto and the BBronzed GLOW!

Become a BBronzed Brand Ambassador

Terms and Conditions

Ambassadors must apply for the position and must agree to follow all the rules upon being accepted or risk termination from the program.

Ambassador Compensation:
• Free tanning membership that includes 2 spray tans a month at one of the spa/locations.
• One Free Mobile Tan a quarter
• Products will be mailed periodically to our ambassadors throughout the partnership to unbox review.
• %15 off retail products. Various prizes and awards will be given throughout the partnership.

Ambassador Requirements:
• 1 high quality video PER MONTH. To be used in marketing materials and to be posted on the brand ambassador’s personal feed - If for any reason, the ambassador is unable to provide a video, they may substitute with before and after photos, slideshow, picture set or tutorial of how the ambassador tans, get ready to tan, prepare for tan, products used etc.
• 1 Stories PER MONTH
• 1 Collaboration Post PER MONTH
• Once you receive your products in the mail to review you have 1 week from receipt of package to post an unboxing video/review to social media pages.
• It is asked that all ambassadors have “BBronzed Tanning Ambassador” in all social media account bio’s
• To end your position as an ambassador, you must let us know by sending an email to
• You must be kind and respectful to all other ambassadors.
• You must not market or promote any competition or related industries. POSTING REQUIREMENTS (IMPORTANT):
• Ambassadors are asked to have a BBronzed Tanning highlight visible on their Instagram profile so that followers are aware they are partnered with BBronzed Tanning.
• The brand ambassador MUST tag BBronzed Tanning in ALL assets in which they create and add the #BBronzedMobileTanning hashtag so that we can re-share to our profile and on stories. This also ensures that the ambassador receives credit for completing the requirements.

• Stories - can be quick little shout outs, before & after shots, boomerangs at the
spa/studio or in the Spray tanning room, tagging your tan in your regular posts,
Instagram/TikTok trends applied to tanning, and anything cute & creative that you can
come up with! Please be sure to add the branded content tag #BBronzedMobileTanning
to posts/reels/stories that are inside our spa/studio or are directly highlighting our
products (you do not need to do this for the collaboration post). See instructions for
adding the branded content tag below on this page.
• Collaboration Post - good lighting and higher image resolution is preferred. You can get
creative with this but please make sure it fits within the current feed theme and that the
content keeps the BBronzed Tanning brand image in mind and is family friendly overall.
BBronzed Tanning will reserve the right to use the collaboration posts that you provide
as part of our marketing assets. See instructions for posting a collaboration post below
on this page.
• Video - This should be a high quality, raw video. It can be published on your personal
social media with any filters/graphics, but we do ask that you send an unfiltered (RAW)
version to us directly. If speaking, it should be clear and slow enough for the viewer to
understand - with limited background noise. As previously noted, if for any reason the
ambassador is unable provide a video, they may substitute this asset with (unedited)
before and after photos or an additional collaboration post. ALL posts should be clear,
well-lit and should be something you would be proud enough to have spotlighted in the
event they are used in our own feed or social media advertising. When creating your
content PLEASE REMEMBER: Posts should be FAMILY FRIENDLY! Have fun but be
professional. NO nudity, curse words, etc.
Content Ideas
We will periodically send emails with content ideas and themes. Ambassadors will need to check their
emails regularly to ensure that they keep up to date with the themes and content. If any ambassador
goes a full 30-day period without submitting and/or posting the required assets, they will be notified of
the agreement termination and have their memberships canceled. If an ambassador happens to
experience any unforeseen or extenuating circumstances that result in their cancelation, they should
reach out to us.

1. Create a Feed Post OR Reel as one normally would

2. Go to TAG PEOPLE menu - click on “invite collaborator.”
3. An invite will be sent to us to approve the post

1. After selecting a photo or video and adding a caption, effects, and filters, tap Next.
2. Tap Advanced settings.
3. Under Branded content, toggle on Add paid partnership label.
4. Tap Add brand partners to add up to two brands. The search box can be used to help find the brand
5. Turn the Allow Brand Partner to promote toggle on to allow the brand partner to run ads using the
ambassador’s content.
Note: Adding more than one brand partner will make it so the post cannot be promoted.
6. When finished, tap Done.
Link for more details if needed:

1. Carefully review and sign the Terms and Conditions document.
2. Complete the New Ambassador Application so that their ambassador profile & membership can be
3. Follow/like BBronzed Mobile Tannings social media pages on Instagram, Facebook & Tik Tok:
4. Tik Tok page can be found here:
5. Facebook page can be found here:
6. Instagram page can be found here:
Terms & Conditions: Terms and conditions are subject to change and BBronzed Mobile
Tanning will only be responsible for the current posted terms at that specific time. If you do
not agree with any of the edited terms and conditions you can choose to terminate your
ambassadorship at any time. Entering this contract will not create any partnership and you
will not be an employee of BBronzed Mobile Tanning. Entering this contract will create your
spot as an ambassador. You will have no authority to make or accept any offers or
representations. All social media accounts must be active and will be monitored periodically.

We thank all potential ambassadors for their interest, and we look forward to
the possibility of a new and exciting partnership together!

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