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Client Liability and Waiver
Have you had a spray tan before?
Have you ever had a reaction to Dihydroxyacetone, DHA, the main ingredient used to tan your skin in spray tanning?
Do you encounter any of the following conditions? If yes, please check all that apply.
How would you describe the typical condition of your skin? Please check all that apply.

*Acknowledgment: I acknowledge the importance of obtaining consent from my physician for any pre-existing medical conditions before my spray-tan session with BBronzed Mobile Spray Tanning: In cases of uncertainty regarding allergic reactions or skin irritations caused by spray-tan ingredients, I will seek guidance from a qualified physician. If I choose to proceed without such guidance, I will hold sole responsibility for any consequences, releasing Your Company from liability. In the event of an injury or reaction during or after the spray tan, I understand that the owner or any of its employees of the establishment is not responsible for such injuries or reactions.

Thanks for submitting!

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